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  • CHF8.20

    TakeTokio Board Bamboo Tapas Set (16 Pieces)

    Serve your tapas in an innovative way with the practical TakeTokio Board bamboo tapas set (16 pieces)! Made of bamboo Board with handle (approx. 24 x 1.5 x 8 cm) 15 skewers ...
  • CHF13.70

    Take Tokio Bamboo Mini Board Tapas Set (16 Pieces)

    Prepare delicious skewers and serve them in style with the handy Take Tokio Bamboo Mini Board tapas set (16 Pieces)!  Made of bamboo 2 boards with handle and hanging cord (ap...
  • CHF2.60

    TakeTokio Flexible Bamboo Placemat

    Discover the original, practical TakeTokio Flexible Bamboo Placemat, which will not only protect your table and tablecloths, but will also make them look stylish! You can roll it up or fold it away...
  • CHF19.20

    TakeTokio Bamboo Bread Board

    Why cut your bread anywhere when you can get this practical and elegant TakeTokio Bamboo Bread Board for your kitchen!? Made of bamboo wood Double surface to collect crumbs ...
  • CHF14.80

    TakeTokio Rectangular Bamboo Chopping Board

    If you're looking for quality kitchenware, we present the unique and practical TakeTokio rectangular bamboo chopping board! Made of bamboo. Approx. dimensions: 37 x 25 x 1.5 cm.
  • CHF26.20

    TakeTokio Bamboo Set of Chopping Boards with Base (7 pieces)

    Your home deserves the best kitchenware, so don't miss the TakeTokio bamboo set of chopping boards with base (7 pieces). This bamboo set features: 6 chopping boards (approx.: 22 x 1 x 15 cm each) a...
  • CHF28.10

    TakeTokio Bamboo Cutlery Tray

    Keep your cutlery drawer tidy and organised with this beautiful TakeTokio bamboo cutlery tray! Made of bamboo wood with 5 compartments for cutlery. Extensible (up to 2 more compartments). If you li...
  • CHF24.50

    TakeTokio Bamboo Dish Drainer

    Love using bamboo for kitting out your kitchen? Then you'll love this TakeTokio bamboo dish drainer. It's ideal for giving your kitchen an undeniable touch of distinction. Not only will you be opti...
  • CHF24.50

    TakeTokio Bamboo Countertop Chopping Board

    This fabulous TakeTokio bamboo countertop chopping board is resistant and very useful for any kitchen. Use it to cut and chop ingredients comfortably. Because of its shape, you can position it easi...