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All our Vintage Coconut items

  • CHF20.50
    Vintage Coconut

    Vintage Coconut London Station Wall Clock

    Vintage Coconut London Station Wall Clock
  • CHF19.80
    Vintage Coconut

    Vintage Coconut Nostalgie Photo Frame (6 photos)

    Your most nostalgic photos will look perfect in the Vintage Coconut Nostalgie photo frame (6 photos)! Made of plastic 6 10 x 15 cm photos Glass cover for the photos 2 rings ...
  • CHF18.40
    Vintage Coconut

    Grange Vintage Coconut Decorative Glass Jar with LEDs

    Decorate your home with style and originality with the Grange Vintage Coconut Decorative Glass Jar with LEDs! Rope handle Screw-on lid 5 fixed warm light LEDs  On/off ...
  • CHF5.60
    Vintage Coconut

    Vintage Coconut Decorative Sign

    Give your home decoration a nostalgic and welcoming touch with the Vintage Coconut decorative sign! Made of wood. Features a cord on the back for hanging. Approx. dimensions: 40 x 10 x 1 cm. www.v...
  • CHF13.60
    Vintage Coconut

    Vintage Coconut Cities Wall Clock

    If you love vintage decoration, you won't be able to resist the charm of the Vintage Coconut Cities wall clock! This classic style clock evokes past times. Makes a perfect gift. www.vintagecoconut...
  • CHF30.60
    Vintage Coconut

    Vintage Multiple Photo Frame (4 photos)

    With the vintage multiple photo frame (4 photos) you'll be able to display the best photos of your family! Made of plastic and glass It can be put in horizontal and vertical position Room for ...
  • CHF4.10
    Vintage Coconut

    Vintage Coconut Mug with Lid and Straw

    Enhance your vintage kitchenware with the unique Vintage Coconut mug with lid and straw! This glass mug comes with a metal protective lid and a plastic straw (approx. length: 19 cm). Approx. capaci...
  • CHF16.00
    Vintage Coconut

    Vintage Coconut Food Metal Tray

    The Vintage Coconut Food metal tray is a perfect piece of kitchenware for fans of vintage decoration and fast food! Approx. dimensions: 46 x 30 x 5 cm.  
  • CHF4.60
    Vintage Coconut

    Food Vintage Coconut Kitchen Mitten

    We present to you the Food Vintage Coconut kitchen mitten, ideal for the most original and for fans of the vintage style! Composition: 100 % cotton Approx. dimensions: 1...
  • CHF39.30
    Vintage Coconut

    French Vintage Coconut Wall Clock

    Decorate your home with the French Vintage Coconut wall clock! A vintage style wooden analogue clock. Approx. dimensions (diameter x width): 58 x 0.8 cm. Requires batteries (1 x AA, not included). ...
  • CHF15.10
    Vintage Coconut

    Vintage Coconut Antique Wall Clock

    You can finally decorate your favourite spot in your home by making it extra special! The vintage design of the Vintage Coconut Antique wall clock will give the walls of your home an exclusive retr...
  • CHF19.20
    Vintage Coconut

    Vintage Coconut Wall Clock with Minute Minder

    We invite you to travel in time every time you look at the time with the amazing Vintage Coconut wall clock with minute minder! Made of plastic. It has a second hand. Measures: Approx. 16 x 22.5 x ...
  • CHF9.00
    Vintage Coconut

    Antique Used Look Photo Frame (5 photos)

    Would you love to have your most important photos on display? The Antique Used Look photo frame (5 photos) is exactly what you're looking for. This beautiful photo frame will decorate any wall at h...
  • CHF17.10
    Vintage Coconut

    Vintage Coconut Antique Used Look Photo Frame (8 photos)

    Renew your home's decor with the Vintage Coconut Antique Used Look photo frame (8 photos). With this original photo frame you'll be able to show off to everybody the most beautiful photos of your p...