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All our Pet Prior items

  • CHF3.00
    Pet Prior

    Dog Poop Bag Holder (with 15 Bags)

    Dog Poop Bag Holder (with 15 Bags)
  • CHF2.70
    Pet Prior

    Pet Prior Cat Toy

    Have fun playing with your cat with the original Pet Prior cat toy! A fabulous toy with a bait at one end so your cat can entertain itself playing to catch it. Made of wood and fabric Rattle Elast...
  • CHF5.00
    Pet Prior

    Pet Prior Dog Brush

    The lovely Pet Prior dog brush is perfect for brushing and removing your dog's loose hair! You'll get excellent results with it! Soft, flexible bristles (TPR) Stiff handle with hanging hole (polys...
  • CHF7.60
    Pet Prior

    Pet Prior Pet Food & Water Bowl

    The Pet Prior pet food & water bowl has a large capacity and is perfect for extra-large pets! Made of stainless steel Non-slip base Side wings Removable bowls Easy cleaning Diameter of each food-w...
  • CHF4.20
    Pet Prior

    Pet Prior Dog Feeder

    Your pet can now enjoy its food with the Pet Prior dog feeder! It is also ideal as a water dispenser. Manufactured in stainless steel Rubber edge at its base Approx. capacity: 300 ml Approx. ...
  • CHF4.10
    Pet Prior

    Pet Prior Dog Ball Launcher

    With the Pet Prior dog tennis ball launcher having fun with your pet is a certainty! Get this original dog ball launcher today! Tennis ball included (diameter 6.5 cm) Polypropylene launcher Ap...
  • CHF36.70
    Pet Prior

    Pet Prior Dog Bed (45 x 35 cm)

    If you are looking for a comfortable bed for your pet, we bring you the Pet Prior dog bed (45 x 35 cm)! Basket and separate cushion Removable polyester covers with zip Foam filling Comfortabl...
  • CHF36.00
    Pet Prior

    Folding Dog Carrier

    Home, sweet home! That's what your pet will think as soon as you unfold the folding dog carrier. Not only will the animal relax when travelling by car, but it can also make use the dog carrier to r...