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  • CHF2.90
    Oh My Home

    Wireless Door And Window Alarm

    Get the incredible wireless door and window alarm now and protect your home against intruders! It works with magnetism. It's activated when the door or window is opened and the two parts with magne...
  • CHF2.90
    Oh My Home

    Lint Roller with Refills

    Introducing the sensational lint roller with refills, a great invention! Simple, easy to use and very effective. On passing this manual lint roller over your clothes or other fabrics, its adhesive ...
  • CHF2.80
    Oh My Home

    Allen Key Set (8 pieces)

    If you want to have a complete tool box, you need the Allen key set (8 pieces). It looks like just like a Swiss knife but instead it contains Allen keys. This Allen key set is lightweight, versatil...
  • CHF19.90
    Oh My Home

    Can Crusher with Bottle Opener

    It's time to recycle and this can crusher with bottle opener is great for that! You can use this convenient wall-mounted can crusher to reduce the size of tin cans, which will take up far less spac...