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  • CHF15.20

    Spa+ Bath Accessories Set

    Take a relaxing bath that will clean and soften your skin thanks to the Spa+ bath accessories set! This practical bath set includes several plastic accessories that will help you reach any body par...
  • CHF7.30

    Lady Compact Hair Trimmer

    Discover a simple, quick and effective way to remove hair with the Lady Compact hair trimmer for women! This system uses heat to remove hair in a clean and painless way. This cordless electric hair...
  • CHF47.60

    Pearl Adore Better Living Electric Shaver

    Save time and money enjoying a professional, clean, long-lasting and painless hair removal experience with the Pearl Adore Better Living electric shaver! This comfortable and practical wireless sha...
  • CHF12.70

    My Pet Frosty Bowl Pets' Water Bowl

    Don't miss out on the My Pet Frosty Bowl pets' water bowl to make your pets happy! They'll have cold water for approx. 8 hours just by putting the removable inner bowl into the freezer for approx. ...
  • CHF22.50

    My Pet Brush Hose Brush for Pets

    Do you have a pet at home and need help keeping it clean? The fabulous My Pet Brush hose brush for pets is the perfect solution! It has a soap tank and rubber spikes with holes at the ends for wate...
  • CHF20.00

    Vesta Magnetized Alarm for Doors and Windows

    If you're worried about your home's safety and want to discourage possible thieves, the Vesta magnetized alarm for doors and windows is what you need. You just have to attach the alarm and the magn...
  • CHF11.90

    Handy Chair Folding Chair

    Buy Handy Chair Folding Chair at the best price. Have a portable chair whenever you need it! Thanks to this fantastic, useful folding chair, you won't have to stand for hours in queues or any other...
  • CHF12.80

    Sofabulous Foldable Portable Shelf

    Presenting the invention that is revolutionising the market, the handy Sofabulous foldable portable shelf! An easy way to always have a multipurpose auxiliary shelf or support on hand for placing ...
  • CHF15.80

    Shiny Hanger Glam Bag and Accessory Organiser

    Your bags and accessories will always be tidy and to hand with the practical and convenient Shiny Hanger Glam bag and accessory organiser! It features 8 hoops and 2 hangers on one side, and 9 plast...
  • CHF20.40

    360º Hanger Electric Tie Rack

    The 360º Hanger electric tie rack is ideal for keeping your ties organised and means you will always have them quickly and easily to hand. Additionally, with this practical tie rack you'll be able ...
  • CHF23.60

    EmotiCandle Romantic Ambiance LED Candles (pack of 3)

    Surprise your partner by creating a special and romantic atmosphere with the EmotiCandle Romantic Ambiance LED candles (pack of 3). Their gentle LED light will warmly decorate any corner of your ho...
  • CHF30.00

    EmotiCandle Blow Sensor LED Candles (pack of 3)

    If you like LED lighting in your home, don't miss out on the EmotiCandle Blow Sensor LED candles (pack of 3). The LED EmotiCandle candles are made of real wax and have a light vanilla fragrance. Th...
  • CHF37.30

    X6 Cordless Liquid Vacuum Cleaner

    Clean quickly and easily thanks to the X6 Cordless Liquid Vacuum Cleaner! Ideal for windows, tiles, mirrors, etc. This window vacuum cleaner vacuums liquids from any glass surface, leaving it impec...
  • CHF6.80

    UBOT Mop Replacement Pads

    If you already know all about our sensational UBOT robot mop, now you can also buy the UBOT mop replacement pads easily! These cleaning pads are excellent for your UBOT cleaning robot. The pack inc...
  • CHF14.00

    5 in 1 Steam Mop Microfibre Replacement Pad (5pc)

    Buy 5-in-1 Steam Mop Microfibre Replacement Pad (5pc). Now you can buy 5-in-1 Steam Mop Microfibre Replacement Pads at our online shop. Take this opportunity and buy 5-in-1 Steam Mop Microfibre Rep...
  • CHF2.60

    X6 Microfibre Mop Replacement Pad

    If you like the X6 mop, now you can buy the X6 microfibre mop replacement pad here. 1 unit included. These X6 mop replacement pads are very convenient.
  • CHF27.00

    X6 Xtreme Mop Flexible Mop

    With the X6 Xtreme Mop flexible mop you will no longer have to suffer when doing the cleaning! The floors in your home will be glistening clean with minimal effort, as its flexibility allows you to...
  • CHF5.20

    Replacement Mop Head (1 unit)

    Now you can get replacement mop head for Spin & Mop, Kong Mop, Spin Tastic Mop and Kong Mop Iron. The replacement mop head is made of super absorbent 100% microfibre. 1 unit included.
  • CHF24.40

    Presence Light Bulb Holder with Motion Sensor

    The Presence Light bulb holder with motion sensor is perfect for lighting up any part of your house! It detects any presence and turns automatically on and off. Suitable for an E27 standard bulb ba...
  • CHF18.40

    Voluma LED Spotlight with Voice Sensor

    Want to inject a bit of originality into the lighting in your home? Then what you need is the Voluma LED spotlight with voice sensor. With this spotlight, featuring 5 white-light LEDs, you'll be ab...
  • CHF14.00

    Starly LED Lantern

    Don't know about the Starly LED lantern yet? Don't wait any longer! Enjoy its soft and pleasant light while you spend a nice evening with whoever you like! This plastic LED lantern can be used outs...
  • CHF8.60

    Eco Solem Solar Lamp

    Use solar energy to light up your balcony or garden with the Eco Solem solar lamp! This solar lamp is ideal for outdoor spaces or areas where electricity supply is limited. Time needed to charge in...
  • CHF17.30

    Lamp Venture Camping Light with Torch

    Enjoy making trips to the countryside, beach or mountains? Then don't miss the Lamp Venture camping light with torch! It's very practical, as it can be used as either a lamp or a torch: 2 in 1! It ...
  • CHF33.70

    XXL Hose Expandable Hose 22 m

    Get the most innovative garden hose you can imagine: the XXL Hose expandable hose 22 m! It automatically expands in just seconds with the effect of water pressure. After use, turn off the tap and t...
  • CHF21.00

    XXL Hose Expandable Hose 7.5 m

    Get the most innovative garden hose you can imagine: the XXL Hose expandable hose 7.5 m! It automatically expands in just seconds by the effect of water pressure. After use, turn off the tap and th...
  • CHF90.00

    Eco Class Heaters EF 1200 W Electric Micathermic Heater

    Looking for an electric heater combining elegance and high performance ? The Eco Class Heaters EF 1200 W electric micathermic heater is a stunning free-standing electric fireplace with a painted wo...
  • CHF245.00

    PWR Work Tool Kit on Wheels (186 tools)

    If you have some repairs at home, the PWR Work tool kit on wheels (186 tools) will come in handy. It has 4 trays with a huge variety of tools: screwdrivers, spanners, glue gun, pliers... Altogether...
  • CHF30.00

    Inkil T1200 Fly Killer Light

    Discover the Inkil T1200 fly killer light! This insect trap has a UVA light that attracts flies and mosquitoes leading them towards their destruction as the electric parts inside will kill them. No...
  • CHF40.20

    Inkil T1100 Fly Killer Light

    The Inkil T1100 fly killer light is a very convenient device. The UVA light attracts flying insects and the electric mesh sends a shock as soon as they touch it. You'll soon get rid of flies and mo...
  • CHF18.80

    Sushi Matik Sushi Moulds

    If you like Japanese food, prepare the best sushi dishes like an expert thanks to the Sushi Matik sushi moulds! This complete and practical kit made of plastic that's suitable for food is easy to u...
  • CHF2.80

    Yolkloon Egg Yolk Separator

    Buy Yolkloon Egg Yolk Separator at the best price. Have you ever wondered how to separate the white from the yolk? We have the answer! With the Yolkloon egg yolk separator you can forget about wast...
  • CHF6.70

    Curly Veggies Vegetable Cutter

    Decorate your dishes with the Curly Veggies vegetable cutter and put your culinary creativity to the test. With this innovative and practical manual kitchen utensil, you'll be able to cut your vege...
  • CHF7.90

    Yummy Pop Dessert Corer

    Give your dishes a fun touch! The Yummy Pop dessert corer will help you to decorate your best recipes in just a few seconds. Create fruit or bread forms with its various moulds for desserts. Give f...
  • CHF10.30

    Cook Yolk & Juice Mixing Glass with Juicer

    We present the Cook Yolk & Juice mixing glass with juicer! Includes manual juicer-yolk separator, allowing you to juice, separate, beat and mix. It also has a lid so the freshest and most natural j...